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Burial Service in Rockhampton

For some religions, a burial service is the traditional choice. Some people feel that it is the most fitting way to lay a loved one to rest. Ultimately, the decision of a burial is a matter of one personal choice.

Burials are only permitted in a designated cemetery, in full compliance with the local regulation. In some cases, burials are permitted on large acreage rural properties (family property for example) subject to local authority approval.

Finlayson & McKenzie can assist you in making the arrangements to purchase a new grave site, unless a burial plot was purchased in advance. Most cemeteries have lawn and monumental grave sites available.

It is permissible to have existing family graves re-opened for further interments, and Finlayson & McKenzie can advise you of the regulations on request.

We can arrange burial services throughout Central Queensland and further if requested. We can organise to either have a graveside service or a dual service. Where the initial proceedings may take place in a church, chapel, public or private venue.

Burial service Rockhampton Yeppoon Emu Park

Viewing of your loved one – Burial service

A viewing gives loved ones the opportunity to see and spend time with the deceased prior to the funeral. There is not an obligation to view. It is nonetheless a matter of personal choice.

However, in relation to the grieving process, the therapeutic benefits of a viewing are well regarded and recommended. Benefits of viewing include:

Repatriation & Embalming

Finlayson & McKenzie Funeral Directors has experienced staff who are qualified in all aspects of the funeral industry, including embalming and repatriation of the deceased persons interstate and overseas.

We have the only fully qualified embalmer in Rockhampton who is a member of the Australian Institute of Embalming, the British Institute of Embalming, and the Kenyon International Disaster Response Team.

An embalmer is able to preserve the body and the appearance of the deceased. Embalmers pre-service bodies from time of death until the burial or cremation. The following circumstance govern the necessity for the embalming and preservation of the deceased:

Our long history in the funeral industry is advantageous. Our staff have experience in the repatriation of the deceased back home for burial or cremation.

The team at Finlayson & McKenzie has the knowledge and experience to guide you through the processes to ensure the safe and secure transportation of your loved one interstate and overseas.

Most overseas repatriations require liaison with Australian and International Consulates. There are many laws and regulations governing the interstate and international transport of the deceased.