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Funeral Services in Rockhampton

We believe that our role as your chosen funeral director is to facilitate the funeral to meet the needs and desires of the bereaved and their loved ones. And we will do our utmost to achieve this.

The funeral experience is a key part of the grieving process, offering the chance to say goodbye and helping on the road to recovery from a loss.

During this time, it’s comforting to know Finlayson & McKenzie Funeral Directors are here to help plan the most suitable ceremony to meet your individual needs, the needs of family and friends, and those of the community.

The most common type of funeral service is a church/chapel funeral service, followed by a cemetery/crematorium service.

This style of funeral begins with a service at a church or chapel, a funeral home, in a park or any other place that was special to the deceased. Followed by a procession to the cemetery or crematorium.

Other options include a small chapel service at Finlayson & McKenzie, followed by a burial at chosen cemetery or a private cremation with our in-house cremator.

We offer personalised funerals at Finlayson & McKenzie. We will cater to your individual preferences and go above and beyond to create a memorable funeral service for the deceased, as well as a celebration of the life they lived.

As a guide, the cost of a funeral falls under 3 main categories:

Our professional service fees include:

Third party fees consist of the monies paid on your behalf to other parties in order to carry out the funeral in accordance with your instructions. These include payment for:

Please contact Finlayson & McKenzie for an itemised quotation.

Cremation or Burial?

The number of people in Australia choosing to be cremated is steadily increasing.

People have a choice of either burial or cremation. In certain cultures, cremation is not favoured or may be prohibited within the relevant faith belief. In other cultures, the opposite may occur with cremation being the custom, for example, in the Hindu tradition.

Future trends may see higher instances of cremation due to land shortages for cemeteries near population centres.

We have our own in-house cremator, which allows us to keep the costs of cremation lower than many other funeral directors in Central Queensland.